It's still 'Bank Less' as usual

Yes, we’re evolving our look, but rest assured we're still the same Bankwest on the inside – 125 years young and every bit committed to helping you bank less.​

So, let's take a look at what's changed, and what it means to have less bank in your life.

We're refreshing our look

So when you see us, we may look a little different, but it won't change the way you bank with us.

Different logo

We've taken inspiration from our current logo and created a new one that feels familiar.

Modern design

A new look that's been designed with a digital-first approach and is fuss-free.

Accessible colours

A brighter palette that’s easier for those with visual impairments to view and read info online.

Hitting refresh takes time

Rolling out a new look will take time, so our old logo and new logo will co-exist for a while before our refresh is complete.​

At first, you'll notice changes to our website, the Bankwest App and some emails. After that, we'll update online banking, eStatements and our branches.​

In the meantime, if you see our old logo on a statement, while our new logo on an email – don't worry, it's still us.

So, what does it mean to bank less?

Because life's too short for more BS (bank stuff), you can have as much or as little of us as you like.

Bankwest App

Our app makes banking secure and convenient with a range of handy features. From setting up cardless payments and locking your card to messaging on the go, it helps you manage your money from your mobile device. Find out more.