Four things every student can do to boost their banking

It's the best of times (and sometimes the worst of times), but being a student isn't always easy on the finances. Check out our top tips on getting the most out of your money.

1. Track your spend and set up a budget

It sounds simple, but knowing how much money you have coming in and out each month is the first step to managing your money better. Bankwest Easy Alerts can help you do this - they're push notifications to your phone that let you know how much you're spending, and alert you when your account balance falls under a certain amount.

It may also help to split your income into two or more accounts - one for non-negotiable expenses such as rent, and one for spending money. Our Easy Transaction Account lets you open more than one account, to help you do this. Plus, it has no monthly maintenance fees and lets you withdraw money from all major bank ATMs without charging you a fee.

2. Upgrade to a Debit Mastercard® when you hit 16

Our Easy Transaction Account comes with a debit card that lets you withdraw money and make EFTPOS transactions as and when you need. Once you turn 16 though, you can choose to get a Debit Mastercard linked to your account. It works in a similar way to your debit card, but also lets you make contactless payments using Tap & go™, shop securely online and over the phone, and more.

Once you have a Debit Mastercard, you can also utilise convenient payment options. At Bankwest, we offer our Debit Mastercard customers the option to use Apple Pay or Google Pay™ on their mobile. Customers can also get a wearable Bankwest Halo payment ring, meaning you can pay with a fist bump!

If you're already 16 and would like to upgrade to a Debit Mastercard, head to the 'Self Service' section of Bankwest Online Banking, click on 'Forms' and select 'Debit Mastercard Request'.

3. Open a savings account

While you might not have loads of extra money to be stashing away at this time in your life, it's never too early to kick start good habits. One of our most popular savings accounts is the Hero Saver account, which offers a bonus rate when you deposit at least $200 a month and make no withdrawals. It's a great way to encourage you to save more.

If you don't think you'll make the $200 deposit each month, our Smart eSaver account lets you put as much or as little money away as you like and pays bonus interest each month you don't make a withdrawal.

It's easy to set up regular payments to your savings account through Online Banking or the Bankwest App  even small contributions made regularly can add up to big savings.

4. Enjoy banking at your fingertips

Do your banking anytime, anywhere with the Bankwest App. Featuring fingerprint login, the App is the most convenient way to access and manage your money. You can see all your bank statements in the one place, and there's an international section so that you can quickly and easily let us know when you're travelling overseas.

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