Kids' Bonus Saver

Give your child's savings an extra boost, with the Kids' Bonus Saver account.


Big rewards

Bonus interest applies each month you deposit between $25 up to a maximum of $250 and make no withdrawals.

See your money grow

The bonus interest helps teach kids the benefits of regular saving.

Save on fees

No monthly account fees apply.

How it works

Even though this account is for children under the age of 15, only parents, guardians or adult signatories can open, access and make withdrawals from the account.

Before you open this account

You need to have a Children's Savings Account set up in the child's name so it can be linked.

Earn bonus interest

When you deposit $25 to $250 per month and make no withdrawals. In any month you don’t meet these conditions, the standard variable interest rate (currently 0.01% p.a.) applies.

After 12 months

Everything over $1 in the account will be swept into your linked Children's Savings Account, so you can start afresh.


Variable Bonus interest rate 4.50% p.a.
Standard variable interest rate
0.01% p.a.

View the Kids' Bonus Saver terms and conditions

Kids' Bonus Saver terms and conditions:
The relevant Product Schedule together with all of the related documents form the complete Product Disclosure Statement for this product.

Product Schedule:
Kids Bonus Saver Product Schedule (PDF)

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Apply today

The Kids' Bonus Saver account is only available in store or over the phone.

Check your eligibility

  • Available to children under the age of 15
  • Account is operated by a parent or guardian on behalf of the child
  • One account per customer.

Things you need for your application

For the child, you will need a birth certificate.

Find out more about what you may need to provide.