Cutting our carbon emissions 

Our purpose is to help people achieve what matters, today and for generations to come. We’ve been around for more than 122 years and we’re committed to growing our business sustainably; nothing is more important for the future than protecting the planet on which we live. Our operations have an impact on the environment and Bankwest has a target to reduce its carbon emissions to 2.89 tonnes of CO2 per full time employee, per year by 2020.

At the end of FY17 we had achieved a 3.25 tonnes of CO2 reduction per full time employee, per year – an improvement on our 2009 result of 5.54 tonnes of CO2 per full time employee, per year, meaning we’re on track to achieving our 2020 target.

Overall, this reflects a 63% reduction in CO2 (scope 1 and 2 emissions) within our operational control since we began closely monitoring carbon emissions in 2009.

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