SMS code

Why register for SMS code?

SMS code is an added layer of protection when you’re banking or shopping online that confirms it’s really you completing a transaction – not a fraudster. Registering for SMS code allows you to access all the functions that Bankwest Online Banking and the Bankwest App have to offer.

For certain transactions, you’ll be sent an SMS code to your registered Australian mobile number, which you will then need to input to complete the transaction.

If you’re using the app or online banking, or if you’ve got a Bankwest Mastercard® or Platinum Debit Mastercard for personal use

You’ll get an SMS code when you’re:

  • Adding or paying a new BPAY® or Pay Anybody recipient
  • Making a BPAY or Pay Anybody payment above a certain dollar amount
  • Making an international transfer to someone overseas
  • Increasing your daily limits
  • Resetting a forgotten password online
  • Activating your debit or credit card or choosing a new PIN
  • Changing your secret questions or updating your contact details
  • Shopping online with your Bankwest Mastercard or Platinum Debit Mastercard on sites that show the Mastercard® SecureCode™ logo.

If you’re using a business Bankwest credit or debit Mastercard

You’ll get an SMS code when you're:

  • Shopping online with your Bankwest business Mastercard or Debit Mastercard on sites that show the Mastercard® SecureCode™ logo.

If you don’t have an Australian mobile number registered with us, call us on 1300 440 749 or contact your Relationship Manager.

Keep in mind that if we don’t have your correct mobile number to send SMS codes to, there could be an increased chance of fraudulent activity or loss of funds on your card, and you may not be able to complete certain online transactions.

How do I register for SMS code?

Getting set up

  1. Log in to online banking
  2. Click 'My details' > 'My security settings
  3. Click 'Activate SMS code'.

Things to remember

  • If you’re new to online banking, you'll get an automatic prompt to upgrade your security when you first log in
  • You'll only need to enter an SMS code for purchases above a certain amount
  • If you’re being prompted to enter an SMS code but you don’t have your mobile phone handy, please call us on 13 17 19 and we’ll help you.

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few thing things you can try if you're not receiving SMS codes:

  • Turn your phone off and on, then request a new SMS code
  • Make sure your SMS inbox isn't at full capacity
  • Confirm you have full reception
  • Check your phone settings to see if you have blocked SMS messages from Bankwest
  • If you're a business customer, make sure that your correct primary Australian mobile number is registered with us (you can update your mobile number by calling us on 1300 440 749 or by contacting your Relationship Manager).

If you're still not receiving your SMS code, call us on 1300 440 749 for help.

If you're doing your banking on the latest version of the Bankwest App with PIN or fingerprint login already enabled, you might not need to enter SMS codes.

We can't send SMS codes to an international mobile number – you'll need an Australian registered mobile number. Remember, if you're heading overseas, you'll still be able to use the Bankwest App for most things without needing SMS code provided you've got a PIN, Face ID or Fingerprint ID set up.

If you live permanently overseas or don't have an Australian mobile number, please contact us on +61 8 9449 2840. Note that calls made overseas from landlines or mobiles will be subject to standard international call rates.

You can apply for a temporary or permanent exemption. Contact us on 1300 440 749 (or on +61 8 9449 2840 from overseas) or contact your Relationship Manager. Note that calls made overseas from landlines or mobiles will be subject to standard international call rates.

If you have roaming enabled, then you should still be able to receive SMS codes. If you're still having trouble, contact the international operator of the country you’re in and ask to be put through to this number: +61 8 9449 2840.

It's a reverse charge number, so we won’t charge you, but we have no control over any charges applied by the local or international telephone company for contacting the operator.

Tip: You can also set up PIN or fingerprint login within the Bankwest App to make payments and transfers while you’re away without the need for SMS code.

Don’t forget, you’ll only need SMS code for certain transactions.

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