Swipe up and spend with Samsung Pay

No wallet? No worries – make easy, secure payments online or in-store, all from your compatible Samsung device.


Check-out without fuss

Forget finding your card at the checkout. Swipe up from your home screen to pay at any contactless terminal.

Secure your payments

Authorise all transactions quickly and easily, using your fingerprint, PIN or iris. 1 Iris authentication is only available with Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, Galaxy Note8, Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+, Galaxy Note9. Compatible devices subject to change.

Store your loyalty cards

No need to carry loyalty cards around – add them to your Samsung wallet to collect points and benefits while using the app. 2 Loyalty cards are not available with Samsung Pay on Galaxy watch. Close

Protect your details

Your card information won’t be stored on your phone or shared with merchants.

Get started

Install Samsung Pay on your compatible device in a few easy steps.

Race through the register



Swipe up from your home screen, or hold the back button on your watch.


Authenticate the payment with your fingerprint, PIN or iris.


Hold your phone or wearable near the terminal, or use the app to pay online.

Frequently asked questions

Info at your fingertips


Which devices will support Samsung Pay?

A series of Samsung devices compatible with NFC point of sale terminals for contactless transactions and MST point of sale terminals for swipe transactions. Compatible devices subject to change. See the full list of supported devices.


How much can I spend using Samsung Pay?

You can spend up to your available balance when using your Bankwest Debit Mastercard® and up to your available limit when using your Bankwest Mastercard credit card.


Can I use it overseas?

Yes, Samsung Pay can be used in all countries where contactless payments are accepted. But make sure you add your card while in Australia – for security reasons, you won’t be able to register a new card to Samsung Pay while in a foreign country.


What if my Samsung device is lost or stolen?

You can use Samsung’s Find My Mobile service to remotely lock or wipe your device. This will lock Samsung Pay as well as your registered cards.

You can also get in touch with us and we can suspend or remove your Bankwest cards from Samsung Pay and order you a new card if needed.


What if my Bankwest card is lost or stolen?

If you’ve lost your physical card, you can place a temporary lock on it through Bankwest Online Banking or the Bankwest App. This will also lock the card in Samsung Pay.

If it’s lost for good, get in touch with us to cancel your card and order a new one. We can update your Samsung Pay app with your new card details as soon as we issue it, so you can start using your new card straight away in cases where a physical card isn’t needed. Log in to the Bankwest App to access your digital card.

Need more help?

For questions about setting up Samsung Pay, or adding and using your Bankwest Mastercard, call us or message us in our app.