Easy Instalments 

Spread the cost of a big-ticket purchase into smaller, monthly repayments. And the best bit? It’s at a lower interest rate.

Smaller, smarter repayments

It’s simple – buy things you need now and pay them off in a way that works for you.

Purchase big-ticket items

Any eligible credit card purchase between $500 and $10,000 can be used.

Activate your Easy Instalment plan in a few easy steps

Simply follow the prompts in the app to set up your plan.

Track your repayment progress in the app

See what you’ve already paid and what’s left to pay off.

Pay off larger purchases at a lower rate

Bankwest Easy Instalments

Easy Instalments can be used for that holiday you can't wait to book, that new couch or fridge, or any unexpected expenses.

Easy to set up

If you want to put an eligible purchase on a plan, simply follow the below 3 steps. It’s that simple!


Select offer

Tap on the Easy Instalment offer (found under Products & Offers on the Bankwest app).


Select purchase

Tap on the eligible purchase item you would like to pay for using Easy Instalments.


Check your details

Name your plan and check through the summary before you submit your Easy Instalment request.

Frequently asked questions

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What if I’m already making a regular payment?

Any scheduled payments or periodical payments will not change. You may wish to update any scheduled payments to consider your Monthly Instalment amount.


Will my interest free period on purchases be affected by my Easy Instalments plan?

You can maintain any interest free period on purchases by paying your Monthly Easy Instalment amount (including any outstanding Monthly Instalments), plus any statement balance not part of an Easy Instalments plan by the Payment Due Date.


Why can’t I see a transaction in my ‘Eligible Transactions’ list?

Not all transaction types are eligible for an Easy Instalments plan, this includes balance transfers, cash advances and gambling transactions.

Transactions with an authorisation only status will not appear until they have been completed.


How will you let me know when my Easy Instalments plan is set up?

You will receive an email within 2 business days confirming whether your Easy Instalments plan has been approved. You will also receive a Bankmail via Bankwest Online Banking with important information about your Easy Instalments plan.


What if I don’t make my Monthly Instalment?

There is no fee if you do not make your Monthly Instalment. The Monthly Instalment due will be shown on your Card Account Statement. If you miss a Monthly Instalment or do not pay the full amount of the Monthly Instalment by the due date, the outstanding balance of the Eligible Amount will accrue interest at the Easy Instalments Annual Percentage Rate for the Easy Instalments Term.

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Things you should know

Lending criteria, fees and charges apply. Terms and conditions apply and are available on request. Available on eligible purchases between $500 and $10,000. When you apply for an Easy Instalments plan, you are requesting an amendment to your allocation of payments in accordance with clause 6. of the Easy Instalments Terms and Conditions. To apply payments in this order may mean that other balances that attract a higher interest rate may be repaid later which may result in you paying higher interest charges.