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How do I set up Bankwest Easy Alerts?

To receive the full benefits, you can set up alerts at any time in a few quick steps:



the Bankwest App from the Apple App store or the Google Play™ Store.



Easy Alerts on under the ‘Easy Alerts’ main menu.



on the notifications you want to receive.

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Manage your devices

Receiving alerts on multiple devices

You can receive Bankwest Easy Alerts on up to five devices. All you need to do is install the app on each device and accept the permissions when you first log in. The device will then be registered to your PAN, so we can ensure that only your devices receive your alerts.

Turning alerts off for specific devices

You’ll need to log into online banking via your desktop or tablet and select ‘manage devices’ from the ‘self service’ menu. Then simply click ‘deregister’ next to the device you’d like to stop receiving alerts on.

You can turn alerts on again at any time by switching them on in the app.

Need more help?

If you still need help you can speak to someone from the team.

Things you should know

Bankwest Easy Alerts are available for your mobile personal transaction and savings accounts. Limited alerts only are available for credit card transactions. Bankwest Easy Alerts will be sent to any compatible iOS and Android device on which you have the Bankwest App and enabled notifications. Whilst some alerts may be sent to your device once you have enabled notifications, in order to receive the full range of Easy Alerts available you will also need to activate the Bankwest Easy Alerts service within the Bankwest App. Terms of Use apply. Bankwest Easy Alerts is currently supported on iOS 9 and Android 5.0 devices and above. Bankwest Easy Alerts is not available on tablets and Windows devices.