With this ring, I thee... pay

16 October 2018

A wedding ring - one of the most important symbols of marriage, a never-ending circle signifying the lasting bond of love between two people.

And while most are made from silver, gold or platinum one Perth man has opted for a more modern alternative as his wedding ring – the Bankwest Halo, Australia’s first wearable payment ring.

Thirty-nine-year-old Karl Williams from Beckenham says it was a simple decision to make.

"My original wedding ring had been damaged since before we actually even got married. I was trying it on before the wedding and it came off my hand and hit the tiles and cracked.

"I don’t wear any other jewellery and I’d been looking around for a replacement and then I saw the Bankwest Halo being advertised. It looked great so I thought why not?"

Karl, who’s been married to Jane for six years, applied for the ring online and it was waiting for him when he arrived back from a holiday to America.

Jane joked: "When you get married most people pool their money anyway so it’s kind of right that his bank and our marriage are now combined with this ring.

"And at least I know whenever he buys anything he’s thinking of me," she added.

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