Unexpected benefits for the Bankwest Halo

27 September 2018

Australia’s first wearable payment device, the Bankwest Halo ring, is helping people with disabilities “maintain a level of independence” through its simplicity and ease of use.

Melbourne-based mother of two Helen, who three years ago was diagnosed with the rare neurodegenerative disease Multiple System Atrophy (MSA), was made aware of the Bankwest Halo ring while visiting friends in Perth recently.

Helen was convinced the ring would improve her shopping experience and visited Bankwest’s Cannington branch, becoming a new customer and ordering her Bankwest Halo before flying back to Melbourne the same day.

Helen, whose condition can result in low blood pressure, speech difficulties, breathing problems, rigidity and tremors, received her Bankwest Halo in the post a week later and said she was thrilled with the difference the ring had made.

“Because of my condition I sometimes struggle to pay for things when I’m out,” she said.

“Having to carry a bag or trying to get cards out of my purse can be difficult and I actually lost my credit card recently on my trip to Perth.

“But despite this, being able to pay for things myself is important to me, as it helps me maintain a level of independence – something I still very much insist upon.

“The Bankwest Halo has made paying for things so much more simple – I love it.”.

Digital Access Specialist Dr Scott Hollier, who co-founded the Centre For Accessibility, said the Bankwest Halo was a helpful tool for people with disabilities.

“It’s great to see such positive initiatives from Bankwest in supporting people with disability in relation to their daily financial transactions,” he said.

Bankwest Executive General Manager of Customer Experience Andrew Chanmugam said he was delighted the ring was delivering a somewhat unexpected benefit to customers.

“We know the ring is amazingly simple and convenient to use and the reaction we’ve got from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive,” he said.

“But then when we hear that it’s also proving popular with people with disabilities that’s a great - and admittedly unplanned for - result.

“Anything we can do to make our customers’ lives just that little bit more straightforward is a win for us and so the team are really happy to have heard about this. To be helping maintain the independence of our customers with disabilities is just fantastic.”

For more information contact:

Russell Yeo
Bankwest Senior Manager, Media & Communications
0421 637 028

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Important things you should know: The Bankwest Halo ring is a payment device which must be linked to an eligible Bankwest account. For eligible transactions accounts you should consider the PDS (available from bankwest.com.au) and whether the product is right for you. Eligibility criteria and terms & conditions apply. Bankwest is a division of the product issuer, Commonwealth Bank of Australia ABN 48 123 123 124 AFSL/Australian credit licence 234945.

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