Why it’s important to change your thinking

14 June 2021

Business can feel like a full contact endeavour. Having the ‘mental edge’ is often the key to success.

Speaker, author and martial arts expert Nadine Champion spoke at one of our Connect Events and shares why she believes it’s important to change your thinking.

Why is it important?

Research shows that we have approximately 48 thoughts per minute, which translates to almost 70,000 thoughts per day. We have a positive-negative asymmetry in our thinking process, so left unchecked our brains will focus more on the negative. Are you directing your thoughts or are they controlling you?

The only person who has the power to change your thinking is you.

Most humans share the same five fears: extinction, mutilation or disfigurement, loss of autonomy (being unable to care for yourself), separation from loved ones, and ego death (fear of rejection, failure or not being liked). Knowing this creates an opportunity to gain experience moving beyond the fear towards courage.

It’s important to avoid a fixed and static mindset to avoid being left behind due to an inability to seize the ever-changing moment.

10 Seconds of Courage – a powerful call to action that challenges people to change their thinking in order to create their own success. This is the tool to use so you don’t miss opportunities due to natural human hesitation, doubt or trepidation.

No matter the size of the challenge (or metaphorical opponent), we can develop an inner dialogue of courage and resilience against even the greatest odds.

When we strive, we all reach a point of fatigue – mentally and physically. Rest, recovery and accessing support are just as important as the ability to push yourself.

The times that leave us with sore mental muscles, bruises and scars are often the exact moments we become mentally tougher and more resilient. Used well, these marks of experience will aid you and add to your skillset.

Who’s in your corner? Whose corner are you in?

Having the conversation can lead to a change in thinking. Success as a small business owner still requires a good team in your corner.

Who else’s voice have you programmed into your thinking?

Have you chosen a strong mentor to aid your growth and challenge your least precision thought patterns?

On your best days, your thoughts are what drive you to greatness. On your worst days, your thoughts will either break you or be the making of you.

If you can’t control the situation or the outcome, often the only thing you can control is how you respond to it.

Change your thinking.

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