How do I transfer money between my Bankwest accounts?


To make an internal payment, go to ‘Payments & transfers’ in the left side menu and choose ‘Make a payment’, then ‘Internal Transfer’. Remember, you can’t transfer money between credit card accounts.

You’ll need to enter the ‘Pay from’ information, including:

  • The account the transfer’s coming from
  • The payment description
  • The processing date
  • The payment frequency (whether you want it to repeat).

Click ‘next’ when you’re done.

You’ll then need to enter the ‘Pay To’ information – just choose which account you’d like to transfer the money to and enter the amount. You can also enter a description if you want. Click ‘next’ when you’re done.

Confirming the payment as an Employee or Administrator user

If you’re an Employee or Administrator user, you’ll need to submit the payment for approval by the Master user. Click ‘submit for approval’ to finish – your payment will be pending until it’s approved by the Master user.

Confirming the payment as a Master user

If you’re a Master user, you’ll be able to view the all information entered in the ‘Confirmation’ section. If you’re happy with the details, just enter your secure code at the bottom, and click ‘confirm’.

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