Using ABA and BPAY® Batch file uploads for multiple payments

Find out how you can make multiple payments with ease using ABA or BPAY Batch file uploads in Online Business Banking (OBB).

ABA file uploads

ABA files can be created by using most accounting software (such as Agrimaster, MYOB® and Quicken) and are great for making multiple payments. Once created, they can be uploaded to OBB using the file upload option when making a new payment.

ABA files can be uploaded for Payroll payments, Pay AnyBody transfers and Direct Debits. However, Direct Debits are only available to pre-approved customers.

When creating the ABA file with your accounting software, you will need to enter the following details:

  • Bank Code (Bankwest): BWA
  • Bank ID (or Australian Payments Clearing Association [APCA] Number): 175029
  • Self Balanced File Option (option must be selected/turned ON): YES/ON
  • APCA Name: Your Business Name

Most of the major accounting software programs have these details together with input fields for your bank account name and number.

To view transactions contained in the ABA file before approving the payment, select the pending payment in the ‘Pending’ menu and click the ‘View transactions’ button.

BPAY Batch

BPAY Batch allows you to make multiple BPAY payments to multiple BPAY Billers at one time – all through a single transaction file.

The files can be uploaded to OBB using the file upload option when making a new payment.

Your accounting software must support the creation of BPAY Batch files using Bankwest’s BPAY Batch file specifications. If you need help with this, give us a call on 13 7000.

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