Can I send group payments to one list of people to make it easier?


Yes, you can. If you’re making a big group payment (like staff wages), you can make the payment easier by creating a ‘recipient set’. This means you’ll be able to pay multiple people by selecting one recipient set while you’re making your payment.

Click on ‘Recipient sets’ under ‘Payments & transfer’ in the left side menu. You can choose what type of recipient set you want to create, view or modify by choosing either ‘Pay AnyBody’ or ‘payroll’ in the drop-down menu at the top.

Click ‘add’ to make a new set. You’ll just need to enter a name for your list and add each recipient, then click ‘save’.

Select an existing set and click ‘modify’ to make changes. You’ll then be able to add or remove recipients from any sets you’ve already created.

To delete a recipient set, just select the set and click ‘delete’.

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