How do I log into Online Business Banking?


Logging in with a security token?

If you have a security token you're known as a 'Master user'.

To log in you'll need your:

  1. Personal Access Number (PAN)
  2. Personal Identification Number (PIN) - this will form the first four digits of your secure code
  3. Security token code - this will form the last six digits of your secure code

To keep your funds safe, it's important not to share your PIN or security token with anyone else.

If you've forgotten your PIN or lost your security token, call us on 13 7000 so we can issue a temporary PIN over the phone or arrange an emergency token code.

Logging in without a security token?

If a Master user has given you access to OBB, you're known as an 'Administrator' or 'Employee user'.

To log in you'll need your:

  1. Personal Access Number (PAN)
  2. Secure code

These will be provided to you by your Master user (they have the security token) who set up your access as an Administrator or Employee user. If you forget either of these details, contact your Master user - they'll be able to retrieve them in OBB.


If you've been denied access...

You might have incorrectly entered your secure code too many times. If you’re a Master user, call us on 13 7000 so we can unlock your account. If you’re an Administrator or Employee user, your Master user can reset your account within OBB.

If your security token has stopped working, expired or is lost…

Your token has a guaranteed minimum life of four years. If yours stops working within this time, call us on 13 7000 and we’ll give you a new one at no cost.

We’ll automatically send you a replacement token before your current one expires, give us a call if you haven’t received one.

If you’ve misplaced your token, call us to arrange a replacement. It should take 3-5 working days to arrive, but we can issue you single use emergency token codes in the meantime.

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