Self-service appointment booking hands power back to customers

17 September 2019
  • Self-service appointment booking can be done online or via smartphone
  • Customers can arrange in-branch or phone-based appointments

The frustration of waiting to see a specialist in a branch or being bothered on the phone at an inconvenient time is over for Bankwest customers.

Bankwest’s new self-service, appointment booking system allows a customer to use the website or their smartphone browser to arrange an appointment at a time that suits their lifestyle.
Customers can book face-to-face or phone appointments with a specialist (including Home Finance Managers) at a time, day and place that suits them.
Bankwest Executive General Manager, Customer Experience Andrew Chanmugam said the service is intended to deliver the service customers want, when they want it.
“Our customers’ expectations are changing and one of the things we hear consistently is that they want to manage their banking on their own terms at a time that suits them – including to be able to self-serve.

“This innovative service delivers on both counts: it gives the control back to the customer and allows them to arrange their interactions with us when it’s convenient for them, rather than the other way around.”
Bankwest has been able to deliver this new service swiftly and efficiently thanks to the adoption of Agile, new ways of working allowing squad-based colleagues to work intently on small, incremental wins for the customer rather than producing large projects that take many months to complete.
“It’s great to see how our new way of working is enabling us to bring these kinds of services to market so much quicker than in the past,” said Andrew.

“Today, we can develop an idea and have a working prototype in a matter of days and a working product in weeks, with all the necessary colleagues from developers, customer facing colleagues and risk colleagues working closely from inception to release,” he added.
About Bankwest
Bankwest provides personal and business banking solutions for more than 1.1 million retail and business customers across Australia. Bankwest customers enjoy access to an extensive network of stores and business centres, direct and third party distribution channels, agencies and electronic banking facilities, as well as 24-hour telephone and internet banking. Bankwest is a division of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

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