No more worrying over mystery payments thanks to Bankwest innovation

18 November 2019

With Christmas shopping in full swing, checking your bank statement on a smart phone often means wading through a confusingly long list of purchases and transactions.

But Bankwest customers can now see at a glance what they’ve been spending their money on – as well as any possible fraudulent transactions - thanks to the introduction of the new ‘Look Who’s Charging’ service.

Integrated seamlessly within the Bankwest app, the innovative service means the anxiety caused by seeing a mysterious payment on your account which you neither remember or recognise, is now a thing of the past.

At the touch of a button the new service allows the Bankwest app to display an increased level of detail (about both debit and credit card transaction), lessening the concern for the customer when there’s nothing amiss while any highlighting possible fraudulent transactions.

Bankwest Executive General Manager, Technology and Transformation, Andy Weir, says the new service has been introduced as a direct result of customer feedback.

“We continually speak to our customers and we’ve heard them tell us one of their main sources of frustration and stress is when they have to dispute a transaction.

"This new digital service will offer our customers the ability to self-serve - something they tell us they want to be able to do time and again - and find out where their money’s gone.

“More often than not nothing sinister has occurred and the confusion’s arisen because of the trading name of the business. With this new service the customer will be able to see enough detail to alleviate any concern they may have,” said Andy.

As a result, it’s expected fewer customers will feel the need to call Bankwest’s contact centre to query transactions – again, removing inconvenience and “Bank Stuff” from their lives.

“Our Bank Less adverts promise less BS – bank stuff – and so this new service really delivers on that and shows Bankwest is working hard to bring smooth and seamless digital experiences to help simplify our customers’ lives,” Andy added.

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