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13 July 2021

Housing Affordability in WA: A tale of two tenures

Housing affordability has improved in Western Australia but this improvement has been uneven, with a significant divide between those who own their home and those who are renting. It finds that owner-occupiers are more comfortable now than they have been in some time, whereas many in the private rental market, particularly single parents, are struggling to make ends meet. Read the report.

BCEC Quarterly Economic Commentary – June 2021

This report details Western Australia’s strengthening domestic economic output, how business investment has driven economic growth in the first quarter, the impact that the February snap lockdown had on WA’s retailers, the potential slow-down of the housing market, and WA's labour force shrinking as JobKeeper comes to an end. Read the report.

Gender Equity Insights 2021: Making it a Priority

In this BCEC report, we uncover further insights about effective initiatives to improve gender equality across Australia’s workplaces, by identifying the top performers who have consistently taken steps to improve gender equality outcomes over the last seven years. Read the report.

Back in Business? WA Small Business and the impact of COVID-19

The BCEC has captured new data to understand the impact COVID-19 has had on small businesses, whether they have the support needed to succeed and how they see the future outlook. Read the report.

Green Shoots: Opportunities to grow a sustainable WA economy

This report from the BCEC identifies significant opportunities for Western Australia to reduce the negative environmental impact of industries across its regions, and provides a roadmap for WA to transition to a more sustainable and resilient economic future. Read the report.

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