Getting ready to buy a home

From deposit to offer

Our ultimate first home buyer checklist

Arm yourself with confidence and home buying know-how.

Cut through the jargon

Common (but confusing) home loan and home buying terms explained in plain English.

Crunch the numbers and start planning

How much can I borrow calculator

Calculate your borrowing power and what your repayments might be.

Home loan repayments calculator

Estimate your mortgage repayments and discover how much you could save if you make extra repayments.

Stamp duty and LMI calculator

Get an estimate on stamp duty, LMI and other non-standard home buying fees that come with purchasing a property.

Getting conditional approval before you look for a property

It puts you in a stronger position when you’re ready to make an offer and gives you a clear idea of what you can afford.

From making an offer to moving in

You’ve found a home, what's next?

Understand how the home loan application and approval process works, see how to prepare for settlement and more.

Need more help?

Talk to a Home Lending Specialist – when and where it suits you.