Bank Guarantees

Free up your cash flow

A guarantee to your counterpart that a specified payment will be made upon demand.


Manage cash flow

Use as security in lieu of retention money in contracts


Credit interest

Earn interest whilst using cash as security


Umbrella limit

One limit approved with ability to issue multiple guarantees



Peace of mind to suppliers knowing the bank has guaranteed the funds


Supporting your business

  • No minimum limit, maximum limit is subject to approval
  • Multiple contracts on the go? If you have an umbrella facility, you can take advantage of these opportunities sooner rather than later*
  • Fees and charges may apply**

Some common ways to use a Bank Guarantee

  • In building contracts where the guarantee is given in lieu of retention monies (also known as a performance bond)
  • To secure progress payments for construction or large scale plant and equipment
  • To secure payment of future accounts to a third party e.g. utilities provided
  • To secure a tenant’s obligations to a landlord under a lease agreement

* Subject to approval.

** Fees and charges payable are available on application.

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