Credit Cards

At Bankwest we're keen to make sure you get the credit card
that's right for you.

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balance transfer

Looking for a low balance transfer rate?

0% p.a. on balance transfers for up to
16 months

Transfer your existing non-Bankwest credit card balance to a new Bankwest credit card and benefit from our low balance transfer rates.

low rate

Looking for a low interest rate?

The Breeze MasterCard might be for you

You will enjoy a great low purchase rate.

no annual fee

Looking for no annual fee?


Looking for a credit card where you'll pay no annual fee? You've found it. The Bankwest Zero MasterCard offers you exactly this.

cards with rewards

Be rewarded with Qantas Points or Reward Points

Up to 0.75 Qantas Point or 2 More Reward Points per $1 spent

Choose to be rewarded with Bankwest More Rewards points or Qantas Points for your everyday spend.

calculate your savings
Qantas Frequent Flyer
Low Rate
No Annual Fee
what do you get?

earn reward points on everyday spend & for limited time eligible customers can earn up to 50,000 bonus points, T&Cs apply*

earn up to 0.75 Qantas Point for every $1 you spend on eligible purchases

a great low purchase rate

zero annual fee!

introductory balance transfer rate

0% p.a. for 16 months

0% p.a. for 12 months

0% p.a. for 4 months

2.99% p.a. for 9 months

ongoing balance transfer rate and purchase rate
19.49% p.a.
19.99% p.a.
12.24% p.a.
17.99% p.a.
annual fee

More: $70
More Gold: $120
More Platinum: $130

Qantas: $100
Qantas Gold: $150
Qantas Platinum: $160

Breeze: $59
Breeze Gold: $89
Breeze Platinum: $99

Zero: $0
Zero Gold: $0
Zero Platinum: $0

interest free days on purchases#
up to 55 days
up to 55 days

up to 55 days

up to 55 days
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* Introductory bonus points offer: This offer is only available to new More MasterCard customers who apply for a More MasterCard between 28 October 2014 and 18 December 2014. The number of bonus points is 50,000 for new More Platinum MasterCards, 28,000 for new More Gold MasterCards and 28,000 for new More Classic MasterCards . These bonus points are subject to change. This offer does not apply to existing Bankwest credit card customers who upgrade or vary their existing credit card.

# A purchase will only be interest free if you pay in full by their due dates the closing balance (including amounts for any cash advances and balance transfers) of both the account statement which lists the purchase and preceding account statement.

Bankwest More Rewards and Bankwest Qantas Rewards are separate programs. Qantas Points are earned in accordance with and subject to the Bankwest Qantas Rewards Terms and Conditions. Qantas Points and Bankwest More reward points are earned on eligible purchases only. Exclusions, limitations and points caps apply. You must be a Qantas Frequent Flyer member to earn and redeem points. Complimentary Qantas Frequent Flyer membership is available from Bankwest if you join at Membership and the earning and redemption of Qantas Points are subject to the terms and conditions of the Qantas Frequent Flyer program. Qantas Points, including any bonus Qantas Points, will only be transferred to your Qantas Frequent Flyer account at the end of the 2 month period from account opening and once you have spent at least $1,500 on eligible purchases. More reward points, including any bonus points, will only be credited to your account at the end of the 2 month period from account opening. You will only be able to redeem points once you have spent at least $1,500 on eligible purchases. Introductory rates apply from the date the card is opened and end after the introductory period regardless of when any balance transfer or purchase is processed by us. Rates are subject to change. MasterCard and the MasterCard Brand Mark are registered trademarks of MasterCard International Incorporated. PayPass is a registered trademark of MasterCard International Incorporated.

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