Online banking security

Take a look at ways you can keep yourself safe when banking online.

How we're protecting you 

Enjoy peace of mind with our No Loss Security Guarantee when you use the Bankwest App, Bankwest Online Banking (BOB) or Online Business Banking (OBB).

We guarantee the safety of your money on BOB and OBB, provided you’ve complied with our terms and conditions.

Things you can do 

Look after your computer 

Keep your device secure and virus-free by ensuring that your operating system, security software and web browser are up-to-date. To help, you can enable automatic updates on your computer.

Keep your online accounts secure 

  • Only log in to online banking using the Bankwest website (don't use links from third party sites or emails)
  • Create a strong, secret secure code (and change it regularly) using a combinations of letters, numbers and symbols
  • Log out of online banking when you've finished your session
  • Register for SMS code
  • Don't save your PAN when using a shared computer. We also recommend never saving your secure code.

Look out for...

  • The URLs for BOB and OBB should begin with 'https' and feature a closed padlock icon in the address window. If you don't see these, don't enter your details. Access our secure online banking through the Bankwest website
  • If you see any unusual messages on the login screen, or are prompted to re-enter your details unnecessarily, this is a computer virus. Don't enter your details.

Reporting scams 

If you have any concerns, contact us immediately.
Suspicious emails can be forwarded to