Mobile and app security

Thanks to smartphones and tablets, everyday banking means we can access and transfer money while on the go. The Bankwest App provides a safe way to bank online whether we’re on public transport, waiting at the doctor’s surgery or picking up the kids from school. But there are ways to further improve your online safety by reviewing the security of your mobile device.

  • Learn how you can enjoy extra security with SMS code

    SMS code is our strongest level of security. Plus it’s simple to use and free! When banking or shopping online, this second layer of protection confirms that it really is you that’s completing a transaction and not a fraudster.

    If you are doing your banking on version 2.8 or higher of the Bankwest App, you may no longer be required to enter SMS codes. Security enhancements mean SMS code is no longer required when using PIN Login or Fingerprint Login on a compatible device.


Safeguard your device

  • Avoid removing hardware restrictions on your smartphone or tablet. (This is called rooting on Android devices and jailbreaking on Apple devices.) It can leave your phone susceptible to malware and viruses.
  • Use a strong, secret PIN/passcode and/or fingerprint detection.
  • Keep your operating system and apps up to date. (TIP: enable automatic updates.)
  • Set your mobile device to lock after a short period of inactivity.
  • Know your apps and only install apps from official app stores such as Apple's App Store or Google Play (for Android devices).

Keep your contact details updated
If we notice any unusual online activity on your account, we’ll try to contact you. That’s why it's important that we have your current contact number. Log in to BOB or OBB today and make sure your account details are up to date. If you lose your smartphone or tablet, don’t panic. Just call us as soon as you can on 1300 368 748.


Internet scammers don't only strike through email or online. Your mobile and smart devices can be a target as well.

If you receive any SMS/MMS message that you have not requested or are expecting, and you're suspicious, please forward the message to 0428812998 for investigation and delete the message.

These fraudulent text messages use the same tactics as phishing emails, often pretending to come from a legitimate company. They will not contain any specific greeting or account information, they create a sense of urgency, will often include no contact details and the link will not go to the website.

You might even be offered free or cheap access to movies and music, or the chance to win fantastic prizes via text messages, or even automated voicemail messages. Again, you should avoid responding to or downloading supposedly free software due to the risk of a virus or trojan software being installed.

If you clicked on a link provided in a hoax SMS, it's possible your security could've been compromised.

Remain vigilant and if you notice a transaction you did not make, contact us immediately on 1300 368 748 for personal customers or 13 7000 for business customers.

Your Smartphone device is a computer in your pocket and should always have an antivirus product installed and kept up to date with the latest updates.


Things to look out for


Unexpected SMS verification code

Issue: You’ve received a SMS verification code but you haven’t made an online transfer or purchase.

Action: Call us immediately on 1300 368 748.

Strange phone calls

Issue: You receive a call claiming to be from your mobile phone company advising you might experience issues with your mobile phone or network issues. They might even ask for personal information to verify your identity.

Action: Don’t provide any personal information and end the call. Call your mobile phone provider using their official number and verify whether the issue is legitimate. Alternatively, check the company website for any outages.

Mobile phone displaying SOS only

Issue: Your mobile phone is displaying a SOS or ‘emergency calls only’ message.

Action: Restart your phone by switching it off for a few minutes before turning it on again. If the phone is still displaying the above message, contact your mobile phone provider to ensure your device hasn’t been ported over to another device.

How can we help?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Bankwest security or privacy please contact us immediately.

McAfee® Internet Security

McAfee internet security

Bankwest customers get free McAfee® Internet Security for 6 months.

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