Card security

It's important to protect your personal and financial information through simple every day actions when shopping with your cards.


Protecting your cards

  • Shield your PIN when using an ATM or EFTPOS terminal
  • Change your PIN regularly (and keep it a secret)
  • Avoid suspicious ATMs - check for adhesive residue, scratches or signs of tampering
  • Make sure your card is only swiped through once when making a purchase using an EFTPOS device
  • Regularly check your bank statements and report any unauthorised transactions by calling 1300 368 748
  • If you're travelling overseas, let us know so we can keep an eye on your account.

Safer online shopping 

  • Be suspicious of poor grammar or spelling (in the web address and on the website itself)
  • Expect the URL to begin with 'https' and display a closed padlock icon in the address bar
  • Use a trusted network (avoid shopping while using public WiFi)
  • Use SMS code at sites that display the Mastercard SecureCode® logo.

Reporting scams

If you have any concerns, contact us immediately.