Account and card security

We're continuously innovating our technology and security features to keep your identity and accounts safe.

Features and tips to help you bank securely

SMS code

An SMS code is sent to your registered mobile number for certain transactions. It’s an extra security step to ensure you’re in control of what’s happening with your account. Never share your SMS code with anyone.

How to register for SMS code

Temporary card lock

Suspect your card has been lost, stolen or compromised? You can temporarily lock it anytime in the Bankwest App or online banking.

What to do if your card is lost or stolen

Customised alerts

Turn on Bankwest Easy Alerts to help keep track of your banking. Get notified about different transactions, amounts and account actions. Don’t forget to still keep an eye on your transaction history and call us if you spot something you don’t recognise.

Learn more about Bankwest Easy Alerts

Secure login

Make logging in to the Bankwest App faster and easier by using a PIN, face recognition or fingerprint technology (if compatible with your device) instead of your Personal Access Number (PAN) and password.

Learn how to set up PIN or Fingerprint Login

PIN security

Treat your PIN as you would a password and change it regularly. Do it in the Bankwest App or online banking. Remember, always keep your PIN a secret – along with your password. Make sure they aren’t stored anywhere someone else could find them.

How to change your PIN

Safe card use

When using an ATM or EFTPOS terminal, check for signs of tampering, make sure your card is only swiped once, shield your PIN and stay aware of your surroundings. If you’re not comfortable, cancel the transaction and move away.

Keep us in the loop

Update your contact details so we can get in touch if we need to – like if there’s suspicious activity on your account. To update your address, email address or add phone numbers, Go to ‘My details & security’ in online banking. For security reasons, you’ll need to update your mobile number by calling us or visiting a branch.

Tell us you’re travelling

Let us know so we don’t block your account unnecessarily. You can do this in the Bankwest App by choosing ‘Going overseas’ under ‘International’ from the main menu, or tell us in online banking.

How we protect you

Monitoring of fraud and scams: Our systems will monitor for unusual activity. We may be in touch with you if we detect something suspicious across your accounts, so make sure your contact details are up-to-date. We encourage customers to monitor their accounts.

Provided you protect how you access your accounts and tell us if something is wrong, we protect your money with our protection from unauthorised transactions. See our Account Access Conditions of Use (PDF) for more details if you have a Bankwest investment or transaction account. See our Credit Card Account Access Conditions of Use (PDF) for more details if you have a Bankwest credit card. Also, see the Terms of Use for the Bankwest App for more details.

What’s more, we take privacy seriously. We’re committed to keeping your data and details private and secure, and to be clear about what we do with them. See our Privacy Statement for more details.

Keeping your business safe

We’ve put security measures in place to protect your business’ finances. Learn more about Online Business Banking (OBB).

Login and payment protection

Each user for OBB is authenticated using a login ID and password. You can customise levels of staff access to support your internal approval and security policies.

Security tokens

Authorised master users are provided with a security token that generates a one-time password for logging in and authorising payments. This two-factor authentication provides an added layer of protection on top of the usual login details.

Payment limits

Use limits to cap the amount a fraudster could access from your account. Most business daily payment limits are set by default to $50,000 and can be changed to a higher or lower limit.

SMS code when you’re shopping online

When you’re making certain online purchases with your Bankwest business credit or debit card, you’ll get an SMS code sent to the Australian mobile number you have registered with us. It’s an additional layer of security to help protect you from fraudulent activity. Find out more about SMS code.

Get in touch

See something suspicious?

Call us immediately if you’re worried about possible fraud.

Is someone pretending to be us?

If you’re not sure about an email or SMS, don’t click any links or attachments.

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