Bankwest Halo

Pair a payment ring with an eligible transaction account or credit card – it could be your summer saviour.

It’s the ring you can buy stuff with

Enjoy the freedom of leaving your cards and phone at home, whether you're out for a jog, at the beach or balancing the groceries and kids.

Our award-winning payment ring is as easy as Tap & go – just grab the things you need, fist-bump the terminal and you're done. Plus, the rings are backed by the same Zero Liability Protection as our range of Mastercard® debit and credit cards so you can shop with confidence.

Order yours today for $39.

Winner of Australian Retail Banking Awards 2018 - Most Innovative Retail Banking Product, Most Innovative Card Product


Contactless payments 

All you have to do is make a fist and hold it on the terminal to pay.


Up to 50m so you can wear it anywhere.


Secure payments with Mastercard 24/7 fraud protection.

No charging 

No app or charging required.

Getting your ring is simple

1. Get an eligible account

Not a Bankwest customer or don’t have an eligible account? Don’t worry – it’s easy to apply for a transaction account or credit card before you order your payment ring.

2. Size your finger

As your ring is specifically personalised to you, it’s important you order the correct size. You can determine your ring size by ordering a free sizing kit using the form below or by visiting a Bankwest branch.

3. Order your ring

When you’ve confirmed your ring size, you can order your black or white payment ring by logging in to Bankwest Online Banking, or by visiting your closest Bankwest branch.

Order your ring sizing kit

Fill out the form below, including your mailing address, so we can send you a complimentary sizing kit. You’ll need to know your correct size prior to ordering your ring within Bankwest Online Banking.

Are you a Bankwest customer? Please ensure your email address is registered with Bankwest. Not sure? Log into Bankwest Online Banking to update your preferences.

Already used the Bankwest ring sizing kit?

Order now
Your ring will be customised for you and can’t be resized or reused. Order a free sizing kit to make sure you get the right size. If you order the wrong size you’ll need to pay a payment device fee for a replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bankwest answers

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How do I order Bankwest Halo?

If you already have an eligible Bankwest transaction account or credit card, all you need to do is either fill out the above request form and we’ll then send a complimentary ring sizing kit to you in the mail, or visit your local branch to have your finger sized and place your order.

If you are a new customer or do not have an eligible Bankwest transaction account or credit card, you’ll need to apply for one prior to ordering Bankwest Halo.


How do I use a payment ring?

A payment ring can be used in the exact same way you use your debit card for contactless payments (using NFC - near field communication). Instead of tapping your card on a contactless reader, you simply make a fist as if you’re going to knock against the payment terminal and hold it on the terminal until you hear the familiar beep (if your transaction is over $100 you will need to enter your PIN). The advantage here is that you don’t need to take anything out of your pocket or handbag – simply tap your ring and go!


Do I need a Bankwest account to use my ring?

Yes, your payment ring must be linked to an eligible Bankwest transaction account or Bankwest credit card. Please note that ineligible products include Bankwest Business credit cards and transaction accounts, Gold tier Mastercard range, Bankwest Visa credit cards, and the Bankwest FeeSaver Basic Account.


How much is a Bankwest Halo payment ring?

Your personalised ring has a payment device fee of $39 which is payable for its manufacture, use and setup. There is no fee to receive your free sizing kit.

Things you should know

1. Please note that Bankwest Business credit cards and transaction accounts, Gold tier Mastercard range, Bankwest Visa credit cards, and the Bankwest FeeSaver Basic Account are currently not eligible for the Bankwest Halo payment ring.

The Bankwest Halo payment ring is only available to Australian citizens and Permanent or Temporary Residents over 16 years of age with an Australian residential address. Fees and charges apply.

Mastercard, World Mastercard and the Mastercard brand mark are registered trademarks, and the circles design and tap & go are trademarks of Mastercard International Incorporated.

Need an eligible account?

Check out our range of transaction and credit card accounts.