Introducing PayID

Use your mobile number instead of BSB and bank account number for a faster, simpler, smarter way to pay.

Making payments easier

A PayID is a unique identifier you can link to your bank account and use to receive payments. It’s something that’s simple and easy to remember, like a mobile number.

PayID will be launching in 2018 with the New Payments Platform (NPP), a major industry initiative to enable faster, simpler, smarter payments in Australia.

When the platform launches, you can choose to create a PayID and link it to an eligible bank account, or you can choose to continue using your BSB and Account Number. Either way, you’ll benefit from the major improvements being made.


Changing the way you pay.



The NPP allows for faster payments. Money is transferred almost immediately, 24/7.



No account numbers necessary. PayID allows you to send and receive payments to a created PayID.



PayID shows you the registered user's name before you press send, to make sure you get the right person.

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What is PayID and how do I create one?

PayID is a feature of the NPP that enables you to create an easy to remember address to direct payments to your account. PayID replaces the need to enter a BSB and account number when sending or receiving a payment. PayID is a simple and memorable piece of information, such as a mobile phone number.

Once the New Payments Platform launches in 2018 we’ll invite you to create a PayID through Bankwest Online Banking or the Bankwest App.

Visit the PayID website for more information.  


How will PayID work?

When you need to send a payment, or someone needs to make a payment to you, you can share your respective PayIDs instead of BSBs and account numbers.

If you’ve ever worried about sending money to the wrong account, PayID will help with this too. When you pay to a PayID, the name of the person who owns that PayID is shown before you approve the payment. All you have to do is confirm it’s the right person and because PayID uses the NPP, money will be transferred almost immediately.


Is PayID safe?

Enjoy peace of mind with our No Loss Security Guarantee when you use the Bankwest App or Bankwest Online Banking (BOB).

If you suffer a loss resulting from an unauthorised transaction made through the Bankwest App or BOB, we will reimburse you, provided you have complied with the terms and conditions for those services and neither you nor any authorised user of yours have contributed to the loss.


What is the New Payments Platform (NPP)?

The New Payments Platform (NPP) is a major industry initiative to develop a new payments infrastructure in Australia. The new infrastructure will allow Australian consumers, businesses and government to process faster, simpler, smarter payments.

Bankwest is excited to be participating in the NPP in 2018. After the launch of NPP, we will continue to deliver additional functionality that will continue to enable faster, simpler, smarter payments for our customers.


Who is involved in the New Payments Platform?

The NPP is an Australian Payments industry initiative, collaboratively developed and funded by eleven financial institutions and NPP Australia Limited (NPPA). Bankwest is participating as a division of CBA.
You can find more information on the NPPA website.

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