7 ways to survive holiday saving

There’s nothing more exciting than the moment you decide where you’re going to travel next. But you don’t have to give up all the good stuff to save for your holiday. We’ve pulled together some simple tips to help you save – with the help of Unlikely Expert and Health & Fitness Vlogger Sarah’s Day.

Unlikely Experts: Sarah’s Day 

Unlikely Experts: Sarah’s Day shares Tips to Survive Holiday Saving

We’ve pulled together some simple tips with the help of Fitness Vlogger Sarah’s Day to help you save without having to give up all the good stuff.
Video transcript - Tips to survive holiday saving (PDF, 28KB) 

Tip 1 - Keep the cookie monster guessing

Finding a cheap flight is easier than ever - you’ve got hundreds of comparison sites to choose from. But sometimes as you search, the cost of flights can creep up. That’s because some sites keep track of what flights you’ve searched for and start bumping up the price when it looks like you’re serious about buying one. This trick’s easy to get around though – just go to your browser settings and clear your cookies each time you search.

Tip 2 - Do your part for education

There are thousands of TAFE and college students out there striving to finish their studies… and they need you. They need to give you free haircuts, massages, PT sessions and bikini waxes to get accredited. It’d be wrong not to help them out. Selfish even.

Tip 3 - Break up with breakfast

Look, we’re not giving up our smashed avocado any more than you are… but you can occasionally smoosh it yourself. Swap your breakfast date for a sleep in and grab a mid-morning coffee instead, and you’ll have an extra $20 for a beachside brekkie overseas.

Tip 4 - Embrace the true meaning of Tuesday

When you’re saving for a holiday, Cheap Tuesday is your friend. Half price movies, 2 for 1 tacos, burger deals… the list goes on. And while the Cheap Tuesday stigma can be a bit cringey, you’ve got the perfect excuse – everyone agrees that travel is worth a bit of thrift.

Tip 5 - Play your cards right

Some cards deserve a little more credit than others. From free travel insurance to points that can be used to upgrade your flights, the perks that come with the right credit card are worth a look. While you’re looking, don’t forget to run your eyes over the fees and charges.

“I feel like I’ve always underestimated credit cards and the perks that come with them.”

Tip 6 - Buy low, sell high

What would the Wolf of Wall Street do? Don’t just grab your foreign currency the day before the trip – keep an eye on the exchange rate for a few weeks leading up to your flight. When the Aussie dollar is strong (or while the other currency’s having a bad day) you’ll get more bang for your buck.

“When the price is right, you’ll get more bang for your buck.”

Tip 7 - Saving is an art form

Free snacks, drinks and cultural experiences? It sounds like a thing of beauty, and it pretty much is. A trip to your local art gallery or art centre can provide all of the above, and most exhibitions are free. 

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