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Home Insurance

  • What's an insured event?

    An Insured Event is an accidental, unexpected or unforeseen event your Home Insurance provides cover for. Depending on the type of cover you have, here are the Insured Events we cover:

    • Accidental glass breakage
    • Animal damage
    • Burning out of electric motors and power surge
    • Earthquake
    • Escape of liquid
    • Explosion
    • Fire
    • Flood
    • Legal liability
    • Lightning
    • Malicious act, including vandalism
    • Riot and public disturbances
    • Storm
    • Sudden impact
    • Theft or attempted theft

    There are some exceptions you need to know about. You can find out more in the CommInsure Home Insurance Product Disclosure Statement

  • How do I make a Home Insurance claim?

    We're here to help. You can make a claim over the phone by calling CommInsure on 13 24 23.

  • How can I calculate my building and contents sum insured?

    When applying for Home Insurance you'll be asked to nominate a sum insured for your building and contents. These should be as accurate as possible because this sum is the maximum your insurer will pay in the event of a claim.

    The Building Insurance Calculator and Contents Insurance Calculator can help you estimate your sum insured.

    Your building sum insured should equal the current total cost of rebuilding your home, including GST. It should also take into account any improvements you've made to your home, like garages, driveways and verandas. You should also include an amount for other costs associated with rebuilding, like demolition and debris removal, architectural, engineering, surveying and construction fees, as well as legal expenses. It's also a good idea to find out whether local government or building regulations will affect your rebuilding costs.

    Your contents sum insured should equal the current total cost of replacing all of your contents, including GST.

    There’s no need to list valuable items such as iPads or art as these will be automatically covered under your contents sum insured whilst located in your home. Jewellery and watches are automatically covered up to 25% of your contents sum insured; higher value items can be listed under customised portable contents cover.

  • What do I need to prove ownership of my home contents when I make a claim?

    We'll ask for some reasonable proof that you owned the items you're making a claim for. We call this “proof of loss and confirmation of ownership” and the different types help us to determine the value of the items and replace them with their closest possible match.

    Here are some of the types of confirmation of ownership we might ask you for:

    • Receipts
    • Warranty certificates
    • Valuations certificates
    • Instruction manuals
    • Spare parts for the item
    • Original packaging
    • Tenancy agreements
    • Credit card statements
    • Bank account statements
    • Photographs

    If you're unable to give us enough proof, we might refuse to pay all or part of your claim.

  • What information do I need to make a claim?

    It's a good idea to have your home insurance policy number handy when you call to make a claim, as this will help us to quickly identify you.

    We'll also need the full details of any loss, damage, or anticipated or alleged liability.

  • Is there any way to reduce my Home Insurance premium?

    Yes, you could consider:

    • Choosing a higher excess
    • Reviewing what's listed on your Portable Contents policy. Do you still own everything that's listed on your policy?
    • The policy options you've selected
  • What do I do if I want to cancel my home insurance policy?

    You can cancel your home insurance policy at any time by calling CommInsure on 13 24 23.

  • What things should I look for when comparing Home Insurance policies?

    If you're comparing Home Insurance policies between different insurers, it's important to consider a few things:

    • What the policy covers
    • Does the insurer offer a pay by the month option and if so, will it cost you more?
    • Will you pay one or two excesses if you claim under both building and contents cover?
    • Are you automatically covered for large scale events such as flood, storm and bushfire, or do you need to add these as extras?
    • Do you have to specifically list items such as jewellery or works of art? You may have to pay extra to have them covered, or they may automatically included in your cover.

Car Insurance

  • I have an international driver's licence. Will my car insurance cover me if I have an accident?

    Yes, you'll be covered as long as the international driver's licence is current and is recognised by Australian law as valid.

  • Does my child need to be listed as a driver if they drive my car occasionally?

    Yes. It's important to list anyone who drives your car, regardless of their age, as this will help to ensure your car is covered if an accident or incident happens while they're driving it.

  • What's the difference between market and agreed value?

    Depending on the type of car you own, you can insure it for either market or agreed value. It's important to note this is only available with our Comprehensive Car Insurance.

    Here are the differences:

    • Agreed value is the amount we agree to insure your vehicle for. Choosing this option means you'll pay more for your insurance and we'll be able to tell you the agreed value on your Certificate of Insurance.
    • Market value is the amount it will cost to replace your vehicle immediately prior to the loss or damage, based on its age, make, model and condition. This means this amount could vary during your Period of Insurance and the value isn't shown on your Certificate of Insurance.
  • How do I add more drivers to my Car Insurance policy?

    To add more drivers the policyholder needs to call 13 24 23.

    The following information is required for all drivers:

    • Drivers name, gender and date of birth
    • The number of years they've held their licence, not including their Learner's licence
    • The drivers, claims and criminal history

    Adding more drivers might change your premium and the excesses payable at the time of a claim.

  • What's an Insured Event?

    An Insured Event is an accidental, unexpected and unforeseen event your Car Insurance provides cover for.

    Depending on the type of cover you have, here are the Insured Events we cover:

    • Collision or impact damage
    • Damage from an uninsured driver
    • Fire damage
    • Legal liability
    • Storm, hail or flood damage
    • Theft of keys
    • Theft or attempted theft
    • Vandalism or malicious act
  • What happens to my insurance if I sell my car and buy a new one?

    CommInsure will give you up to 14 days of temporary cover if you permanently replace your vehicle. These 14 days begin from the date you buy the new vehicle.
    Please call 13 24 23 if you've bought a new car, as your policy will need to be updated.

    For the temporary cover to apply:

    • You'll need to provide full details of the replacement vehicle within 14 days of taking ownership
    • You'll need to receive an agreement from us to cover the replacement vehicle
    • You'll need to pay any additional premium required

    The temporary cover will be the same type as your existing cover. For example, if you have Comprehensive cover your temporary cover will also be Comprehensive.

  • How do I change the address on my car insurance policy?

    Call us on 13 24 23 if you need to change your address or the address of where your car is normally kept overnight.

  • Will I get a hire car while my car is being repaired as the result of an incident?

    If you have Comprehensive Cover and have the ‘Hire car following an incident' policy option CommInsure will arrange a hire car for you if they accept your claim for the following Insured Events:

    • Collision or Impact damage
    • Fire damage
    • Storm hail or flood damage
    • Vandalism or malicious act

    CommInsure will pay up to $75 a day for up to 14 days. If a hire car isn't available, they'll provide you with a daily allowance of $30.
    Please note: selecting this policy option means you'll be paying more for your insurance.

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