Borrowing calculators

Use our range of home loan calculators to help find the right loan for your needs.

Home loan calculators

Work out your borrowing power, calculate fees and estimate what your repayments might be.

How much can I borrow calculator

Use the Bankwest borrowing power calculator to estimate how much you can borrow and calculate what your repayments might be. This is based on your income and regular expenses.

Home loan fees calculator

Keeping on top of any potential upfront buying costs is easy with the Bankwest home loan fee calculator, which estimates non-standard costs, such as stamp duty.

Home loan comparison calculator

Simply enter a few details and review the repayment costs to determine whether refinancing your loan may save you money on interest in the long term. 

Home loan repayments calculator

Work out what your mortgage repayments could be and discover how much you could save if you make extra repayments.

Home loan facts sheet

Simply provide some key information, and click on 'view' to generate a Home Loan Key Facts Sheet.

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