Ways to take money overseas

If you’ve booked a trip and are now starting to think about your travel checklist, now’s the time to consider how you’re going to pay for things while you’re away. Depending on your situation, you might want to dip into your savings, or perhaps you want a credit card in case of an emergency. Let’s take a look at the most common ways to take money overseas.

Credit card

Taking a credit card overseas could be a good option if you want to conveniently pay for certain purchases or book things like tours and hotels. It’s also good to have a credit card in case you need to access funds quickly.

We have a range of credit cards that can be used overseas (wherever you see the Mastercard® logo) – and our Bankwest Zero Platinum Mastercard® comes with some travel perks that make it a particularly good option. It has no annual fee, but does come with a higher interest rate than our low rate credit card – it might be the way to go if you don’t think you’ll pay off the balance each month.

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Things to consider

Some international fees and charges apply – it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with them so you’re prepared and consider some ways you could save on credit card fees.

Also, depending on how you’re planning to pay off your credit card, you may pay interest on top of your purchase – which could make your holiday purchases more expensive in the long run.

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Debit card

If you’ve hit your savings goal for your trip, then you might just use your savings for your trip or use them alongside a personal loan or credit card.

Before you leave, transfer your holiday spending money into a bank account that comes with a debit card you can use overseas, so you can easily access your money and pay for things. You’ll also need the Bankwest App or access to online banking, so you can transfer money while you’re away.

Most of our bank accounts come with a Debit Mastercard that can be used overseas, anywhere you see the Mastercard logo.

Make sure you’re prepared for any international fees. Find out more about using your card overseas and international fees.

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If you prefer to carry cash while you travel or want to keep it for an emergency, then make sure to buy some foreign cash before you go. This will help if you can’t find an ATM or pay for things electronically – for instance, if you need to pay in cash for a taxi from the airport.

Money Transfers

If you’re planning to use an overseas account, then you could transfer money from your Bankwest account. It’s quick to do and you can also send money back to your Bankwest account when you come back.

Before you go, make sure your daily international transfer limit is set to an amount you’re comfortable with. You’ll need to register for SMS code and have your mobile with you so you can receive SMS codes.

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Personal loan

If you need some extra money for your trip, then a personal loan might be the way to go. Once you apply for and are approved for a certain amount, you pay off the loan in instalments. Your repayments will start as soon as funds are sent to your account, so make sure to calculate your repayments – this will help you get an idea of what you’ll need to pay while you’re away.

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