Manage my credit card

So, you’ve got a credit card – now what? From setting up your card to using it all over the globe, we’ve got you covered.

Getting started

First thing’s first – set up your card so you can start using it.

Activate your card and find your digital card details

You don’t need to wait for your physical card to arrive to start making the most of it – you can find your digital card details in our app and activate it right away. This means you can start using it immediately where a physical card isn’t needed.

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Learn how to manage your card in our app

The Bankwest App makes it easy to manage your card on the go, including locking your card, copying your card details, tracking your account activity and more.

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Set up cardless payments

Need to pay on the go? You can set up Apple Pay, Google Pay, and the Bankwest Halo ring for your credit card.

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Set up Easy Alerts

Get notified about important activity on your account. All you need to do is switch on Easy Alerts in the main menu of the app and choose the notifications you want to receive.

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Keeping your card safe

There’s a few ways to have peace of mind around your credit card. Remember, you can message or call us 24/7 too.

Locking your card

In the app

  1. choose your account
  2. go to the ‘Manage’ tab
  3. turn on ‘temporary card lock’.


In online banking

  1. go to ‘Manage my cards’ in the ‘Self-service’ menu
  2. choose the card you want to lock
  3. choose ‘Lock card’ under ‘temporary card lock’.

No Loss Security Guarantee

If you lose money from an unauthorised transaction on the app or through online banking, we might be able to help.

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Repayments, fees and interest

Keeping on top of your repayments can be daunting, but we’ve broken it down for you. Remember, there’s different fees and rates associated with each card – you’ll also need to know how interest works.

Common fees

You can find a full list of fees and charges in your T&Cs, but look out for:

Late payment fee
If you don’t pay at least the minimum monthly repayment on time.

Paper statement fee
If you receive paper statements instead of eStatements – find out how to switch statement types.

Cash advance fee
If you withdraw money from your credit card – find out more about cash advances.

Getting on top of your balance

We know it can be tricky to stay in control, but we’re here to help if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Travelling with your card

Heading overseas? Here’s some handy info about using your credit card abroad.

Tell us you’re leaving

Choose ‘International’ from the main menu in the app or fill out an Overseas Travel Notification in online banking. We’ll keep an eye out for any suspicious activity. 

Making the most of your benefits and rewards

There’s some handy perks to having a credit card that you could use to your advantage.

Need help?

You can message us in the Bankwest App, or call us – we’re here 24/7.