Low rate credit card

The Bankwest Breeze Mastercard® is a credit card with our low ongoing purchase rate.

Purchase rate offer

0% p.a. for 13 months on purchases with our Breeze Mastercard

Plus, you can transfer any existing balances from your non-Bankwest credit cards and pay 0% p.a. interest for 13 months on the balance transferred.

New customers only. 2% Balance Transfer Fee applies.


Low interest rate

Our low introductory and ongoing rate makes it a good choice if you’re consolidating your debt, or unable to pay off your balance each month. 1

Unlock exclusive benefits at Perth Arena

Including access to the Bankwest Lounge and 10% discount on all food and beverages. ? Must show or pay with your Bankwest Mastercard to be eligible. Close

Interest-free period

Get up to 55 interest-free days on purchases. 2 Interest-free days on purchases apply when the total amount owing on your current statement is paid in full by the due date, and you have also paid off your previous month’s balance in full by its due date. Section 24 of our Credit Cards Conditions of Use further outlines how this interest-free period is calculated. Close

Save on foreign transaction fees

No foreign transaction fees for Platinum cardholders. 3

There are two types of low rate credit cards

Rates and fees

Show me the rates and fees for

Rate type Rate
Introductory purchase rate for 13 months 1 0% p.a.
Ongoing purchase rate ? 12.99% p.a.
Introductory balance transfer rate for 13 months 1 0% p.a. (2% balance transfer fee applies)
Ongoing balance transfer rate ? The ongoing balance transfer rate is the rate that applies after the introductory period finishes.  Close 12.99% p.a.
Cash advances ? Applies to online transfers and using your credit card to withdraw cash. Close 21.99% p.a.
Fee Type Fee
Annual fee $99
Annual fee $79
Foreign transaction fee 3 Waived (Normally 2.95% of the transaction amount)
Foreign transaction fee 3 2.95% of the transaction amount
Late payment administrative fee ? When the minimum payment is not processed by the due date.  Close $25 per statement period
Cash advance fee 2% of transaction amount or $4 (whichever is greater)
Dishonour fee ? Each time there is a dishonoured payment into the account. For example, a dishonoured periodical/scheduled payment or cheque deposit. Close $10 each time
Paper statement fee ? Avoid this fee with eStatements.
$1.25 per statement

Rates are subject to change. Other fees and charges may apply. A full list of fees will be outlined in your credit card contract.

See the Credit Card Key Facts Sheet (PDF).

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  • People 18 years or over
  • Australian permanent residents
  • One Bankwest Breeze Mastercard per customer only.

Things you need for your application

  • Photo identification such as an Australian driver's licence or passport. Or see a handy list of other ID documents we’ll accept.
  • Employment details, including length of employment and employer contact numbers
  • Financial information including income, expenses and assets.

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Things you should know

1. Promotional introductory purchase and balance transfer rate on the Bankwest Breeze Mastercard:

  • Available to new Bankwest Breeze Mastercard customers who apply from 4 April 2018 until the promotion ends, and are approved
  • A 2% Balance Transfer fee is payable on all transactions to which that balance transfer rate applies
  • Excludes product transfers from existing Bankwest credit cards
  • Introductory rate excludes cash advances
  • Applies from the date the card is opened, regardless of when any balance transfer or purchase is processed by us
  • After the intro period, the interest rate on any outstanding transferred balance or purchase will be charged at the ongoing rate for purchases and balance transfers as outlined in your credit card schedule
  • Minimum balance transfer amount is $500
  • A balance transfer request will only be processed up to 95% of your approved credit limit
  • Only non-Bankwest-branded credit cards can be balance transferred to Bankwest Mastercard credit cards.

View balance transfer terms and conditions.

2. Interest-free days on purchases apply when the total amount owing on your current statement is paid in full by the due date, and you have also paid off your previous month’s balance in full by its due date. Section 24 of our Credit Cards Conditions of Use (PDF) further outlines how this interest-free period is calculated.

3. Foreign transactions are transactions occurring outside of Australia whether in foreign currency or Australian dollars including if you are in Australia (for example, online) where the merchant or the financial institution or entity processing the transaction is located overseas. No foreign transaction fees apply for Platinum customers. Other fees and charges may apply, including when using overseas ATMs.

4. Limitations, exclusions and eligibility criteria apply. See Complimentary Credit Card Insurance booklet (PDF) for details.

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