Hero Transaction Account

Our Hero Transaction Account earns you 0.10% p.a. interest on balances up to $5,000.99. 1 Interest is calculated daily, credited monthly and applied to the relevant portion of your balance which falls within each tier. Close


Easy access to your funds

No withdrawal fees for online, EFTPOS, counter, cheque or Bankwest and CommBank ATM withdrawals in Australia. 2 Fees and charges including other bank ATM fees, overseas ATM access fees, foreign transaction fees, and honour and dishonour fees, may apply. Close

Save on monthly maintenance fees

We'll waive them if you deposit at least $2,000 a month. For example, your salary.

Bankwest Halo payment ring

For an even easier way to pay, order a Bankwest Halo payment ring.

 Rates and fees

Name Rate
Variable interest rate on balances from $0 to $5,000.99
0.10% p.a.
Variable interest rate on balances of $5,001 or more
0.00% p.a.
Interest is calculated daily, credited monthly and applied to the relevant portion of your balance which falls within each tier.
Name Fee
Monthly maintenance fee $6 Monthly maintenance fee (waived when you deposit at least $2,000 per month)
Electronic withdrawal fee $0
Counter withdrawal fee
Cheque withdrawal fee $0
Overseas ATM access fee $5 per transaction 3
Foreign transaction fee ?
2.95% of the transaction amount
Paper statement fee ? Avoid this fee with eStatements.
$1.25 per statement
Customers with this account will receive eStatements via Bankwest Online Banking and the Bankwest App. Customers who opt to receive a paper statement, however, may be charged the above fee. Exemptions apply.

Rates are subject to change. Other fees and charges may apply. For more detailed information, see the Hero Transaction Account Product Schedule (PDF) and Your Guide to Banking Fees (PDF).

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  • You must be an Australian citizen, or temporary or permanent resident, and have an Australian residential address to get a Debit Mastercard®
  • You can have one Hero Transaction account per person.

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