FeeSaver Basic Account

Receive a government health or pension payment? With no monthly maintenance fees, this could be the account for you. Apply at any Bankwest branch.


No monthly maintenance fees

And no minimum deposit needed.

Easy access to your funds

No withdrawal fees for online, EFTPOS, counter, cheque or Bankwest and CommBank ATM withdrawals in Australia. 1 Other fees and charges including other bank ATM fees may apply. Close

Extensive network of Bankwest branches

Find a branch near you.


Name Fee
Monthly maintenance fee $0
Electronic withdrawal fee $0
Counter withdrawal fee $0
Cheque withdrawal fee $0
Other fees and charges may apply. For more detailed information, see the FeeSaver Basic Account Product Schedule (PDF) and Your Guide to Banking Fees (PDF).

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Transaction account terms and conditions:
The relevant Product Schedule together with all of the related documents form the complete Product Disclosure Statement for this product.

Product Schedule:
FeeSaver Basic Account Product Schedule (PDF)

Related documents:

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  • You need to hold a valid Government Health Care Card, Pensioner Concession Card or Commonwealth Seniors Health Card.

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Things you should know

  1. Other fees and charges including other bank ATM fees may apply.