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Send money overseas in just a few clicks

Great news! International Transfers are now even easier with online banking.

Save on fees and a trip to the store by sending Australian or foreign currencies overseas in just a few clicks.

To take advantage of this payment option you just need to:

  • be registered for SMS code – our strongest, happiest level of security
  • set up your daily International Transfer limit – the default limit is $0 but you can increase your limit up to $20,000
  • How do I create an International Transfer?

    Step 1

    1. select make a payment from the payments & transfers menu
    2. select International Transfer and the next screen will appear

    Step 2

    1. enter the country you wish to send money to. Click start transfer and the next screen will appear.
    2. select the account you want to debit from the drop-down list
    3. enter the recipient’s name, address and country fields for your records
    4. enter the recipient’s bank details. Depending on the receiving bank, these may include an International Bank Account Number (IBAN), Bank Code and/or SWIFT/BIC code. The fields will validate the codes immediately to ensure you are sending to the correct financial institution.
    5. enter the value you wish to transfer to the recipient. The field will automatically convert the value in Australian Dollars or in the foreign currency. The total value debited from your account will be shown. Please note that the international bank may also charge a fee on their side to receive your payment.
    6. enter a description for the reason of transfer and any optional descriptions for your records (this will appear on your bank statement)
    7. click create transfer and the next screen will appear

    Step 3

    1. we just need to confirm your identity before completing the payment. Click SMS me now and we’ll send the SMS code to your mobile via text straight away. Check the payment details are correct and type the 6 digit code into the enter SMS code box.
    2. click confirm transfer and you will be taken to the confirmation screen
  • What is my daily International Transfer limit set to?

    By default, all customers have a daily International Transfer limit of $0 (to help protect your account). You can increase this limit up to $20,000 (AUD) in online banking – just select manage limits from the payments & transfers section.

    If you require something higher, please visit your closest Bankwest store and bring along your photo ID. One of our friendly colleagues will be happy to assist.

  • Is sending money overseas via online banking secure?

    Yes. There are a number of measures we put in place to help protect your money. Just to name a few…

    • SMS code is used to confirm your identity whenever an International Transfer is made.
    • online banking uses the highest level of browser encryption
    • we have a dedicated team in place monitoring your accounts for suspicious activity

    Plus, sending money overseas online is backed by our No Loss Security Guarantee in Bankwest Online Banking .

how can we help?

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