Passbook account FAQs

Find out how you can continue to bank with us if you’ve got a passbook.

Continuing to use your passbook

I’m a passbook customer with a Reward Investment Savings Account. Is it safe for me to visit a branch?

Banking is an essential service, so don’t worry – our branches are staying open. In line with the Government’s social distancing guidance, we’ve made some changes in our branches to ensure the safety and wellbeing of not only our staff, but you as well. This means you’ll start seeing social distancing markers to make sure everyone keeps a safe distance of at least 1.5 metres from each other.

To make sure we’re complying with these guidelines, staff may ask you to wait outside or come back later if the branch is getting full. We understand this might be a bit inconvenient, but we want to make sure our branches operate in the safest way possible.

If you’re not sure whether your branch is going to be open, please use the branch locator tool.

Can I add card access to my passbook as some retailers aren’t taking cash?

Unfortunately, a passbook doesn’t have card access. You may want to consider opening an account with an attached access card – this will give you access to funds when branches and Australia Post are closed.

You can open an account in the Bankwest App, through Bankwest Online Banking, over the phone or in one of our branches. Terms of use apply. The Retirement Advantage Account and FeeSaver Basic Account offer no monthly account fees to eligible customers, including those on a pension or holding a health care card. Keep in mind that other fees and charges may apply.

When you open an account, a card will be posted to you – it should arrive within ten working days.

Can I use online banking with a passbook?

Passbooks have limited banking access and don’t have online banking access. If you’d prefer to use online banking, it might be a good idea to open an account that gives you access.

Can I give someone authority to use my account if I can’t make it to a branch?

Yes, but it’s important to choose someone you trust and seek independent advice prior to giving authority over your financial affairs – learn more about what you should consider (PDF). Get in touch to chat about your options.

Need more help?

You can message us in the Bankwest App or online banking, or call us – we’re here 24/7.