How can I get an interim statement?

Most statements are issued quarterly, but you can still access an interim statement before your usual statement is due. The best way to do this is through the Bankwest App – it’s called a transaction summary. Find out more.

  1. Go to the 'More' screen and tap 'Statements'​
  2. Choose the relevant account​
  3. Under ‘Custom statements’, choose ‘Create transaction summary’​
  4. Choose a summary date or enter a custom range​
  5. Download or share the PDF.

Prefer it old school?

If you’d prefer, you can contact us instead. Keep in mind that if you call us, we can only issue you with an interim statement that shows your transactions from the date of your last statement until the date of your request – we won’t be able to choose a custom date range.

If you do this and you’re registered for eStatements, you’ll be able to view your interim statement in the Bankwest App or Bankwest Online Banking the next day. Keep in mind that this will reset your statement issue date from the request date.​

If you’re not registered for eStatements, we can send your interim statement in the post (which won’t impact your next statement issue date), but there might be a paper statement fee.

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Need more help?

You can message us in the Bankwest App or online banking, or call us – we're here 24/7.

eStatements in the Bankwest App is currently supported on iOS 11 and Android 5.0 devices and above. eStatements is not available on Windows devices.