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The Payments & Transfers menu allows you to easily make payments and transfer funds to any financial institution in Australia (excluding other bank credit cards).

Making payments

Online Business Banking offers a range of different payment options:

  • Pay AnyBody: a simple way to transfer money to anyone with an Australian bank account
  • Payroll: a simple way to transfer funds from one of your nominated accounts to anyone with an Australian bank account
  • BPAY®: allows you to pay your bills online using BPAY
  • Internal Transfer: ideal for transferring between your own Bankwest accounts
  • Linked Account Transfer: move your money between your Bankwest account and its linked account
  • International Transfer: send up to $100,000 per transaction to overseas accounts

To create a payment select 'Make a payment' under the 'Payments & Transfers' menu.

  • Can I make an internal transfer between any of my Bankwest accounts?

    An internal transfer can be created to transfer funds between your Bankwest accounts. Please note that funds cannot be transferred BETWEEN credit card accounts.

  • How do I make a payment to accounts at any financial institution in Australia?

    A Pay AnyBody payment can be used to transfer funds to an account at any financial institution in Australia. You will need to know the BSB and Account number of the recipient account.

    Pay AnyBody payments cannot be made to a credit card account held at another bank. The BPAY payment method should be used.

    Each Pay AnyBody payment will show as a single debit on your statement. For example, a payment that contains 5 recipients will show as a single payment on your statement. You can view the details of the 5 recipients via OBB.

    You can pay up to 500 recipients at any one time using multiple Pay AnyBody, Payroll or Direct Debits. The File Upload functionality via OBB enables you to transfer up to approximately 100,000 records (15 MB).

  • Can I make a Linked Account Transfer to a nominated account?

    Linked Account Transfers are only available via OBB if you have a Business TeleNet Saver Account. You can only make a Linked Account Transfer between your Business TeleNet Saver account and your nominated account.

    You can only process one Linked Account Transfer at a time. Refer to the payment-cut-off-times to ensure your payment is processed on the same day.

    All Linked Account Transfers to/from accounts at other financial institutions are processed overnight. It may take up to three working days for the other financial institution to process the transfer.

    Future dated or recurring Linked Account Transfers will be made subject to sufficient cleared funds being available in your account at the start of the day on the scheduled date.

Pending payments

All payments must be approved by a Master user before they can be processed. If an account requires dual signatures, two Master users are required to approve the payment.

Payments that are awaiting approval by a Master user are listed under 'Pending' payments.

Approved payments that are scheduled for processing on a future date, will remain in the Pending payments list until processed.

  • Can I modify or delete a pending payment prior to approval or processing?

    Payments in the Pending list can be modified or deleted prior to approval or processing. Any modifications made to a payment, will require approval by a Master user.

    A deleted payment cannot be retrieved or viewed after it is deleted.

  • Am I able to copy a payment?

    If you make regular payments to the same recipient, you can copy a previous payment. You can modify a copied payment if required.

    Payments made via File Upload cannot be copied.

Payment history

Payments that have been processed are listed under 'Payment history'. Payments can be sorted or filtered as required.

A payment sent to multiple recipients will appear as a single payment amount on your statement. However, you can view the individual recipients by viewing the payment details in payment history.

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