Business tools

We've put all our business tools and ‘how to’ guides in one handy location to help you plan and manage your business.

Business ‘How to’ guides

The Small Business Lounge, in partnership with Bankwest, has created a series of ‘how to’ guides to help you establish your brand online.

Build your website

Covers topics such as registering a website domain, optimising for mobile and search engines.

Establish your brand

Tips on how to create a solid brand image and things to consider when building your visual brand.

Create a content marketing plan

Tips on how to create a content marketing plan and a list of programs available.

Promote your business

In the age of online marketing you may want to consider paid search, social media and retargeting advertising strategies.

Set up your social media

Consider which social media platform will work best for you and how some programs can help manage your social media.

Business tools

Business loan repayments calculator

See the potential repayments on your business loan under a variety of scenarios.

Business plan template

Start your business plan on the right foot with our handy template.

Marketing plan template

Create a marketing strategy with our short template.

Eisenhower Matrix

Use this matrix to determine how to tackle your task.

Managing your inbox

Read our tips for keeping on top of your emails.

Perfect week calendar template

Plan your ideal working week.

The 5S' – Sort it Out

Use this framework to increase efficiency within your business.

Time locks

Find out about the benefits of making an appointment with yourself.

Weekly check-in

Use our template to assist your weekly check-ins.

Sundown rule

Read our tips for responding to customer enquiries within an appropriate time frame.

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