Better business options with Least Cost Routing

If you're a business owner, Least Cost Routing gives you flexibility to manage the costs of contactless debit card transactions.

Benefits for your business

Here's what Least Cost Routing means for you.

More options for managing costs

Least Cost Routing lets you process your payments through the EFTPOS network instead of the credit network (Visa or Mastercard®).

Opportunity for cheaper fees

Switching your payment processing method may reduce the cost of merchant service fees depending on your business, as different networks charge different fees.

Your new options

Scheme only

Continue to process all contactless debit card transactions through the Visa and Mastercard networks.


Process all contactless debit card transactions through the EFTPOS network.

Set a threshold

Process lower value transactions through one network and higher value transactions through the other – potentially taking advantage of any cost differences.

Is it right for you?

Enabling Least Cost Routing could help you save on fees. Compare the fees you pay now with the fees you would pay with different routing options to make an informed decision about whether to opt-in.

What are interchange fees?

Interchange fees are paid by your acquiring bank (the bank that processes your business payments) to the issuing bank (the bank whose card the customer is using) on your behalf.

If you have a Bankwest merchant facility, your acquiring bank is Bankwest.

Current fees

You can find details of all your current fees on your fee schedule and Merchant Statement – including interchange fees set by Visa and Mastercard.

Compare fees
You can find out about the different interchange fees that Visa, Mastercard and EFTPOS charge on their websites.

See Visa interchange fees
See Mastercard interchange fees
See EFTPOS interchange fees

How to apply

Check your eligibility

Least Cost Routing is available to merchants with an Interchange Plus pricing plan. If you have a Simple Merchant Plan, you already pay a fixed monthly rate regardless of network or card type – so Least Cost Routing won’t apply to you.

If you are eligible, choose whether you want to process transactions through Visa or Mastercard, through EFTPOS, or through a mixture of both. Then give us a call and we'll help you roll out Least Cost Routing to your payment terminal.

Need more help?

Speak with someone from the Business Merchant Solutions team.