How to start your business

There's a lot to think about when starting a business. From writing a business plan to understanding the red tape, we've got tips and resources to make sure you have the necessities covered.

Write your business plan

This is the most important tool in your toolkit, so its worth investing some time in.

Download a template

You don't need to start from scratch. Download our template (word) to get started.

Have a planning day

Spend some time clarifying what you want to achieve from your business to make sure your plan can take you into the future.

Think like an investor

Make sure your plan shows investors that you have a viable business solution.

Choose your business type

There are four structures to choose from.

Do the numbers

Our handy tools could help you figure out your funds.

Financial forecaster template

Work out the costs involved in setting up and running your business.

Break even calculator

Once you’ve figured out the break even point for your business, you’ll know how much you need to be making a profit.

Cash flow forecaster

Calculate your running costs and how much money you need to continue running throughout the year.

Loan repayment calculator

See how much you could borrow and find out about your potential repayments.

Red tape checklist 

Make sure you cover the formalities. 

Getting your business off the ground

Here's a few things to think about.

Consider your current income

Do you plan to keep your current job for a bit longer? It could help out with initial costs.

Discover your borrowing power

If you have enough equity in your home or an established business, you might be able to borrow some money.

Start from home

It'll save money on renting another space, plus you might be able to claim tax deductions on your housing expenses.

Brainstorm your options

Government grants, capital investors and crowd funding are possible ways to get yourself started.

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