BPAY is a simple bill collection process for you and your customers that could save you time and improve your cash flow.


Customers can make payments 24/7

It's convenient and easy, improving your customer service.

Same day settlement

Receive cleared funds with same day value. 1 If you have a Bankwest business transaction account. Close

Flexible payment options

Payments can be made from bank accounts, credit cards or debit cards.

See daily payment information

It's delivered through Online Business Banking (OBB) to make account reconciliation easier.

Supporting your business

Establishing your business as a BPAY biller gives your customers the convenience and flexibility to make payments 24/7.

With BPAY, customers can make payments over the phone or online.

Faster payments means you can reduce the time and cost associated with managing collection of payments.

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Things you should know

1. If you have a Bankwest business transaction account.

BPAY is the registered trademark PTY Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518.