2016-2017 Planfarm Bankwest Benchmarks

13 October 2017

Report findings

The Planfarm Bankwest Benchmarks is WA’s leading report into the financial and production performance of broadacre farm businesses.

Compiled from the records of Planfarm, Bankwest, Bedbrook Johnston Williams, Business Ag and Ag Asset, the Planfarm Bankwest Benchmarks includes data from 550 farm businesses throughout the broadacre farming regions of WA.

The report is a broad summary of the information collected and a reliable indication of the make-up and performance of broadacre farm businesses. It allows farmers to compare their financial and production performance to others in their district and region.

2016 - 2017 Planfarm Bankwest Benchmarks

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Key findings

  • The average WA farm business made an operating surplus of $668k from a turnover of $2.2m
  • Return on Capital from production in 2016-2017 was 4.2%
  • Farm equity has dipped slightly on last year’s result to 79%
  • Grain prices finished the season at low levels as a result of very large global stocks
  • Rainfall was good for average or better crop production and not a limiting factor for the majority of farms.

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