Routine equals results: How to achieve success in business

20 September 2018

Key points

  • To reach your business goals ensure your standards are appropriately aligned
  • Develop routines that will support you to reach your goals
  • Take action immediately by creating a 28-day plan.

Business owners can achieve their greatest ambitions simply by creating and following the right habits and routines, according to executive coach Michael Puhle.

Speaking at a recent Bankwest Connect Event, Michael said performance in business, as well as life, is often about doing the small things well.

“Implementing the right daily routines can help you improve both your business and personal outputs,” he said.

Regardless of whether the ambition was small or large, or a short-term or long-term goal, Michael said for business owners there were 3 vital steps for success. These are setting your standards, forming the necessary habits and routines and then taking action.

Event highlights

Building Routines and Habits with Michael Puhle - Connect Events highlights

1. Set your standards

Michael said that setting your standards was important because it would determine the results you achieve.

“Everything you do in your life, and subsequently achieve, is based on the standards that you set, either consciously or subconsciously,” Michael said, adding that this was not only applicable in business, but also for your health and fitness and your relationships with your family and friends.

“Business owners need to ask themselves, ‘what results do you want from your business and are the standards in your life going to help you reach those goals?’” Michael said. Michael emphasised that business owners should set their standards for small tasks as well as larger goals.

“Setting your standards can be done for menial tasks, such as your business’ finances and how often you invoice, or for larger goals, such as where you want your business to be in 10 years’ time,” he said.

2. Forming habits and routines

With your standards set, Michael said business owners then need to form the habits and develop the routines that would support them to achieve their desired outcomes.

“The level of our success is determined by what we do and how we do it every single day,” he said. “Learn to create the automatic habits you must be making every day to meet your standards.”

“If you can set your habits and stick with these for 28 days, they will start to become automatic in your life,” he said.

Michael said this also included developing the necessary routines and recommended 3 different methods that can work for business owners, including:

  • The dramatic difference routine, whereby 80% of the results comes from just 20% of the effort. Also known as the 80:20 rule, Michael said this was about establishing the one routine that would have the biggest impact on business growth and improvement.
  • The morning routine, in which business owners focus on making the first hour of each work day as productive as possible. Michael said this sets the tone for the day and provides momentum to maintain high productivity.
  • The balance routine in which business owners group their lives into 4 “cups” – relationships, fitness, recreation and business. Michael said whilst business owners should prioritise their focus on the business cup, all cups need attention to achieve optimal performance.

3. Take action

Michael said one of the most common failings of business owners who want to make change in their business or personal life was inaction.

“So many people attend events, sign up to webinars or complete continual learnings, but the next day is the same as yesterday, and nothing changes,” he said.

“What are you going to implement? What action are you going to take today to help you get to where you want to go?”.

He recommended making a 28-day plan that outlines your desired results, the standards you need to set to achieve the outcomes and the routines to implement to support you.

If you take action and implement your plan then you’re going to grow, change and develop,” he said.

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