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Bankwest Business - In Good Company: Vanya Cullen

Vanya Cullen has been winemaking at her family's Wilyabrup estate for over 30 years. With a global reputation for consistency, quality and sustainability, hear how Vanya is planning for the future of her business.

Video transcript

[Vanya:] Nearly a third-generation family operation. There is a good sense of trust and we have a good relationship with Bankwest.

We export to, I think, twenty different countries? Our biggest market though, is in Australia because I think wine tourism is really important in Margaret River.

Mum always said “quality not quantity” and so it’s not easy, but I think in the long term it pays off because you establish a reputation for consistency and quality and also sustainability.

Every year we have probably about $250,000 to $300,000 purchase of barrels, which comes harvest, which isn’t necessarily a good time for us in our financial cycle. So, we need that finance from Bankwest to be able to have those barrels ready at harvest time.

[Voiceover:] Bankwest for business. Knowing your business, not just your banking.

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