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Bankwest Business - In Good Company: Rob Spadaccini

Rob Spadaccini builds some of WA's most amazing homes. Hear how Rob is planning for the future of his business.

Video transcript

[Rob:] I’ve been with Bankwest now about six years...

You know...I sat down with my Dad, and I said “Dad, what direction do you think I should take”? And Dad said “well that’s up to you son, you’ve got to love what you do”.

I used to love making things. So my Dad went and bought me a brand new wheelbarrow, and a brand new shovel and said “Son, this will be your pen and paper for the next four, five years”.

I employ close to 80 staff. To me culture is more important than systems. If you get the right systems, culture will automatically fall in to place as well.

Knowing your bank is very important, and Bankwest is on the same page as me. They understand my business. They understand my needs. And they allow me to do what I do best, and that’s build.

We’ve worked with Bankwest in relation to our strategic plan, and our succession plan. We’ve diversified – we’ve actually started up different brands, and Bankwest has been instrumental in helping me develop that dream.

[Voiceover:] Bankwest for business. Knowing your business, not just your banking.

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