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Bankwest Business - In Good Company: Nick Unmack

Nick is passionate about creating childhood memories and continuing the legacy of iconic Fremantle business, Cicerello’s.

Video transcript

[Nick:] Cicerello’s particularly holds a really important piece in the hearts of West Australian’s. Its almost as if it’s part of the fabric of Western Australia.

My name is Nick Unmack, I’m the Managing Director of Cicerello’s Fremantle – Mandurah.

Cicerello’s has been going since 1903. I was born and bred in East Fremantle so part of the Sunday ritual was going with my grandmother to Cicerello’s before we even owned the business.

Look Bankwest, it’s been a long standing relationship something that has gone back over 30 years.

I’m a true owner-operator in the sense that I don’t want to be stuck in an office on a phone you know trying to resolve issues with respect to you know merchant services or lines of credit. I want to be out on the floor talking to my customers, I want to be talking to my staff, so having that relationship in someone who can read the play with me is super important to get the job and get any deals done.

I haven’t been able to grow the business without them by my side so there’s a healthy respect between myself, my staff and I and all of my suppliers. Knowing that you’ve got these guys punching above their weight in your corner really gives you the ability to just move on and do what you do really well.

I love what I do, and all I want to do is just be able to give that opportunity for West Australians and successive generations to be able to come down and I guess experience that like I did when I was a kid.

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