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Bankwest Business - In Good Company: Mick Fox

Mick Fox was the first farmer to grow potatoes in Dandaragan, and in that time has expanded from growing 10 acres to 145 acres. Hear how Mick is planning for the future of his business.

Video transcript

[Mick:] It’s been a long relationship really with Bankwest. It can be pretty stressful I think borrowing the money we did, and it was made really easy.

First growers in Dandaragan to grow potatoes, they’d never been grown here before, not in a commercial set up. We were about 10 acres. From there, now we’ve grown 145 acres.

It was costing us about $45,000 a year to take the potatoes down to cool rooms down south, and then transport them back here. 2016 we decided to build a cool room, cost about $160K I think in total. 4 years of not having to take them down there paid for it.

Just contacted the local bank in at Moora, and they could see the wisdom in it, and the move went from there – which has turned out to be a very good move. It was a pretty simple decision, it wasn’t complicated.

Farming for nearly a hundred years and it’s been a long relationship really with Bankwest. Pretty smooth sailing I think, for most of the time.

[Voiceover:] Bankwest for business. Knowing your business, not just your banking.

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