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Bankwest Business - In Good Company: Julian Gardiner

Julian Gardiner's family have been farming in Moora for over 110 years. Hear how Julian is planning for the future of his business.

Video transcript

[Julian:] This has been a constant in our family’s lives for over 111 years, and for the last three generations and the last 65 years, Bankwest has been a constant.

I remember growing up as a twin with Daniel, we would always be out and about on the farm doing things together. And I think we both always knew we were eventually going to come home to the farm together.

We’ve made the decision to try and expand the business and started share-farming, little bit of leasing, and to buy some more land just to increase the economy of scale and really get some peak efficiencies.

So from a business point of view farming is probably a unique business. You’re constantly trying to adapt and embrace new technology and innovation as well as trying to expand, which obviously takes a fair bit of capital. You need a fair bit of backing to be able to do that.

Bankwest is certainly our financial partner when we’re looking for capital. It doesn’t matter whether it’s seasonal cash flow, upgrades, or whether we are talking big bickies and looking to try and expand and acquire land.

[Voiceover:] Bankwest for business. Knowing your business, not just your banking.

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